LinkedIn Chrome Extension for Salesforce

Say goodbye to manually typing information from LinkedIn and other sites into Salesforce.



LinkedIn Chrome Extension Salesforce / PipeLaunch

Enrich Salesforce whilst navigating LinkedIn

You know you are onto a special contact but you are already dreading adding the contact to Salesforce. Let the PipeLaunch Chrome extension take over.

Never look back again

Get account, contact and opportunity information displayed whilst you have the contact open on LinkedIn. No need to jump back into Salesforce.

LinkedIn Salesforce CRM Integration Salesforce / PipeLaunch
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Company websites

You are on a prospect’s website and find you 20 contacts which should have been in Salesforce already, but they are not. What if PipeLaunch could add them to Salesforce by the click of one button.

Previous experience

How do you know if your prospect worked for a customer in the past? You look up the account in Salesforce - but do you realy? PipeLaunch will display the accounts where the prospect worked in the past.

Experience Previous roles Salesforce / PipeLaunch