Build pipeline faster by having all your sales applications within Salesforce

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The sales engagement solution that turns Salesforce into the ultimate pipeline generating tool

PipeLaunch is the next generation Sales Engagement solution that turns Salesforce into the ultimate pipeline generating tool, enabling salespeople to build pipeline faster by having your planning, research and sales applications all within Salesforce.

You can now have LinkedIn, Company News, Relationship Maps, case studies and objection handling scenarios all within one Salesforce view.

Sales Planning

  • A single view that prioritizes tasks, calls and meetings for the day or week from your calendar.

  • Populate leads generated from marketing platforms such as Pardot and Marketo.

  • Remove time spent generating prospects lists with one single dynamic list generating.

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Sales Execution

  • One single view for all your planning, research and productivity applications such as LinkedIn, News, Google & Calendar.

  • Search for prospect and client company news with key word searching.

  • Win every appointment with personalised call scripts and objection handling scenarios.

  • A dynamic visual presentation of your buyers and decision makers and visually map and tag contacts within your Accounts.

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Mobile Integration

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  • Native Mobile Integration

  • The mobile integration sends phone numbers displayed on your desktop straight to your cell phone.

  • Automatically log activities in your CRM

  • Report the outcome from your phone once you completed the call instead of having to switch back to your Desktop


Professional Edition


Per User Per Month*

  • Sales Execution

  • Dynamic Scripts

  • Objection Handling

Enterprise Edition


Per User Per Month*

  • Professional Edition

  • Sales Planning

  • Sales Insights

  • Sales Relationship Maps

*billed annually 

Why Now

“Thanks to PipeLaunch and it’s integrations our sales team can now reach out to more relevant prospects all within Salesforce” 

Matthias Mauer, CEO M&L



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Ben Asfaha

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben is responsible for the company’s strategic direction as well as ensuring customer, partner and employee satisfaction. Prior to PipeLaunch Ben was at Salesforce helping enterprise companies leverage innovative technologies to gain competitive advantage. It was at Salesforce that Ben had the initial concept for PipeLaunch, as he noticed the need for a sales engagement platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence technologies to help automate processes that could help sales teams spend more time selling. Outside of work Ben enjoys wine tasting, mountain hiking and spending time with his young family.

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Donny Santoso

CTO & Co-Founder

As CTO Donny is focused on product vision, research and development. Donny’s objective is to ensure PipeLaunch maintains a competitive edge by leveraging the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Donny has a degree in Information Technology and has been running a successful Salesforce and CRM consultancy practice for the past ten years, during this time Donny has developed and brought to market four Salesforce business productivity Apps, which are now being used by thousands of Salesforce users. Donny is a keen golfer and guitar player, if you can sing a song he can play it for you.

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Stewart Connors

Sales Director

Stewart is focused on managing all customer and partner engagements, along with delivering the global sales and marketing strategy. Prior to PipeLaunch Stewart Co-Founded an Artificial Intelligence software company, the success led to the company being acquired by Insight Partners, the world's largest technology venture capital firm. During his career Stewart has worked in senior sales and marketing roles for Microsoft, RedHat and SoftwareAG. When Stewart is not working you will find him out on his bike or attending a comedy or music gig.

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