60% of prospects say “NO” four times before saying “YES”, 48% of salespeople only follow up once

It is easy to call a prospect once and hope that the prospect will get back to you as soon as they are in need for your solution. However, the reason why a follow up is important, is because it helps build trust and it gives you the opportunity to better understand what your solution needs to deliver in order to win a new customer.

Staying on top of follow ups

Making sure to stay on top of your follow ups can be a mission by itself. Sometimes setting up meetings on your calendar seems to be the best option as a reminder to follow up with prospects. Unfortunately, too often they are moved onto the next day again and again until the follow up doesn’t take place at all.

That is why the best way to ensure a follow up takes place is by working from a to-do list. Most modern CRMs like Salesforce will allow you to set up tasks associated with the contact / account without having to look up the calendar to see what accounts / contacts to follow up with.

What makes a follow up successful

Pitching the solutions is important, however, the follow up stage should all be about the prospect and identifying what challenges he or she are top of mind and what is being done to overcome it.

Sticking to one channel (e.g. email or phone) is not always the best approach, try to test which channel gets the best response rate.

Research has shown that personilized email can increase response rate by nearly 140%. Hence the importance of adding personalized information either about something you might have in common (e.g. connection, previous employer) with the prospect, or alternatively, refer to company facts or recent news. Another source of information could be open job titles as they very often give away information on the company strategy.

Research - news, job openings

Mindset - STAY POSITIVE. Each follow up is a step closer to a conversion. The person on the other side of the phone or email will feel frustration and desperation. In fact a recent study found that optimistic salespeople sold 37% more than pessimistic ones.

Taking advantage of remote working

Time Zones are becoming less relevant and so are locations. Due to lockdown restrictions, most of us are used to working and interacting with people we have never met before - this also applies to prospects.

Use this opportunity to connect with people that are now more open than ever to network with someone that has a solution for them, regardless of their location.

What is PipeLauch doing to make sure you SMASH IT!

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You can now have LinkedIn, Company News, Relationship Maps, case studies and objection handling scenarios all within one Salesforce view.

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