Advantages of having a Salesforce System Integrators (SIs) partner program

Partnering with prospective Salesforce System Integrators (SIs) can give a vendor access to a wider range of expertise in different parts of the business. A good SI will bring knowledge, experience and complementary skills that help in business development.

SIs often have access to an existing customer base or specific audience that SaaS companies want to reach. SaaS companies use SIs to explore new verticals, enter regional areas or global markets, and/or acquire new customers or user bases — all of which are growth levers for driving revenue.

Most SIs make money by having an agreed percentage portion of the software sale. The exact percentage depends on a variety of factors and all vendors have different pricing models around this.

A potential SI can bring an improvement in ROI for a vendor, which helps investors in gaining more capital to improve and grow the business

When a SI partnership is done correctly, here’s how both the vendor and the SI benefit.

Vendor benefits:

  • Expanding faster than solely relying on direct sales.

  • Can increase awareness of your brand.

  • Reducing the costs of hiring, training, and retaining a sales team. This comes in good especially if the vendor is seeking global expansion.

  • Tapping into a SI’s established customer base lowers the barrier to entry in new verticals or global markets.

  • Diversifying revenue streams, SaaS companies, don’t want all revenue concentrated with few customers. You’ll want a diverse customer base.

SI benefits:

  • Delivering projects quicker. There is a massive shortage of Salesforce professionals. Delivering projects quicker means that the SI can focus on the new projects ahead.

  • Focusing on sales, distribution, and training without worrying about the messy “building a product” part.

  • Establishing credibility by associating with a product that has a strong brand reputation.

  • Elevate your offering to better solve customer problems.

  • Revenue share, plus revenue generation from selling ancillary products and services.

  • Achieving KPIs and metrics can unlock additional perks from the vendor like bespoke training, strategic co-selling opportunities, product discounts, and more.

PipeLaunch is proud to partner with the following Salesforce SIs:

  • Tether - Silver Salesforce Partner in Ireland. We help your business grow by integrating your systems into one, customised CRM solution.

  • Upper Sigma - Upper Sigma is a Platinum Salesforce Solutions Integrator and Independent Software Vendor. We have the expertise, knowledge and best practice for implementing specialist projects within our core focus industries, Legal, Professional Services and Financial Services.

  • Texeï - Salesforce Gold partner in France, Texeï is a consulting and technical expertise firm dedicated exclusively to Salesforce application platforms and agile methods

  • Wesys - Salesforce partner in France, that specializes in CRM implementation and digital transformations of business processes.

  • Vantage Point Consulting - Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner in the USA with an exclusive focus on Financial Services. We provide our valued clients with Salesforce professional services including implementation, configuration, system architecture, API Integrations, data migrations, analytics, community deployment, end-user training, marketing automation, custom development, and managed services.

  • EMPAUA -European Salesforce consultancy and gold partner. We take on our client's most complex challenges to optimise cloud technology systems. Europe's only Salesforce for Startups partner.

  • IBS Technology GmbH - Experts for Salesforce pardot, marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, field service lightning, and B2B Commerce (aka Cloud craze) delivering outstanding project satisfaction.

We are looking to expand our partner network, so please feel free to connect with our CEO Ben Asfaha or Sales Director Philippe Gomes should you have any questions on how you can partner with PipeLaunch.