Cold calling is DEAD!?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Cold calling has never been easy, and the current economic climate seems to make it even more difficult.

However, according to Forbes, cold calling is very much alive and is the key differentiator of Sales teams that consistently hit their quota. Here the main reason why:

  • 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after receiving a cold calls. (Rain Group)

  • Your are not competing with 1,000’s of Cold emails that end up being deleted

  • You get right to the source - the PROSPECT. You also get the opportunity to become a trusted advisor

  • If the call was successful, you gain the right to contact the person again

  • You have less competition, since most sales people are more comfortable sending cold emails or LinkedIn messages.

Now the only thing that is missing, is understanding how to make effective cold calls. According to Gong the average successful cold call exceeds 5 minutes (compared to 3:14 for unsuccessful calls) and includes an uninterrupted sales pitch of 37 seconds – about 50% longer than average. This suggests that cold calling is all about quality over quantity.

  • Personalize the pitch - Make sure you are speaking to the right person and really understand the role and pains of your target persona. If you sell across different industries and personas, try to segment your target list by industry and persona so that you are not mixing messages.

  • Set yourself a goal - Before making the call, try to focus on what you are trying to achieve by the end of it. The first call should never be about closing a deal, instead it should be a follow up meeting or a next step. Use the opportunity to make a meaningful conversation and better understand your prospect.

  • Knowledge is Power - the more you know about your prospect the better you will understand how your solution will fit your prospects needs. Research should include: Most recent news, what other contacts can be found on social media, company websites. What is very often underrated is job openings, however, they often give you an indication as to whether they are growing and what solutions they might already be using.

  • Learn from every NO - every NO brings you closer to a yes. Not only because of the law of averages, but also because it gives you a chance to understand how to perform better on the next call.

  • Be process driven - whilst the actual call is an art, everything before and after should be treated as a science. Find a process that helps you increase the speed at which you are making calls. There are many Sales Engagement solutions in the market that will help you achieve this by automating research, dialing and administrative work.

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