Updated: Feb 7

The month of February is filled with love in many ways. Shrove Tuesday, where you can stuff your face with pancakes filled with much naughtiness for breakfast, dinner or maybe even both! (Who did this in their childhood?), The hints of spring that start to surface from the ground and the buds that start to take form on tress that have been bare for what seems forever, shows us brighter, longer days are ahead.

Whether your a hopeless romantic or not, non of us can escape the overwhelming marketing efforts that take place for Valentines day. There are some that will say you should show your love everyday but the reality is that life sometimes takes over and we forget to show our true love and appreciation everyday. I don't believe that Valentines day is only for those in a relationship. We all want to feel love and appreciation so to me Valentines day is an opportunity where we can truly make sure that all our nearest and dearest know how much they are loved. How do you like to show your love? ❤️

PipeLaunch has started February with lots of love from the Salesforce AppExchange by featuring in their monthly newsletter that was published and sent to all its subscribers yesterday.

Did you know the world’s largest and longest-running business in the cloud marketplace is the AppExchange . It is the trusted enterprise for the most incredible and innovative companies in the world. With more that 10 million app downloads to date, we are incredibly proud and excited to be part of their highly successful community.

Pipelaunch App Exchange

I am sure many of you would of seen our exposure from their fantastic newsletter but if you didn't, then please email us at Hello@pipelaunch.com and we would be more than happy to send you a copy as its packed with lots of other news bites that maybe of interest to you and your business.

Keep an eye on all of Februarys blogs as we would like to spread our own PipeLaunch love, so will be sharing details of how we are going to do this throughout the month❤️