Is LinkedIn the dating app for businesses

There are many that are using online dating apps to meet new people for love, friendship or companionship. There are those that have successfully met the person whom they feel is their match and have gone on to commit further with children or marriage. But there is a number of individuals that have not been successful in meeting their match but do have some incredibly funny and sometimes not so funny stories behind their online dating experience.

LinkedIn will be 19 years old in May 2022, the platform has evolved tremendously in that time and boasts a whopping 740 million users in over 200 countries. The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Like a dating app, you use LinkedIn to research and find potential connections that will enhance your network or later become a customer. You look at their profile, go through their work history background, you do some background research on the organisation they work for and from all the things you see, like a dating app you decide if you would like to connect. When connecting, some attach a welcome message to drive you to connect with them quicker, some just simply press the connect button and hope for the best. Which one are you?

Now also like a dating app, there are those who think it is appropriate to then spam you with unsolicited messages the minute you connect. Dating apps tend to be more of a visual unsolicited message and LinkedIn is more about how the person is going to revolutionise your business by having the one thing you didn't know you needed yet! Both typically result in what is now known as ghosting! 👻

Connections are key to thriving in the business world but it doesn't have to be built on a framework of directly sending unsolicited content to people within your growing network, telling them all of the services and products you can offer them, with the hope that one of them saids yes. LinkedIn wants businesses to be more productive and successful but many are wasting productivity time by not having an accurate profile in place of the business or individual they wish to connect with. Information such as contact roles, company updates and company descriptions, organisational charts, use of technologies, growth plans and financial status is perceived as yet another time-consuming task with little to no direct correlation to personal sales performance.

According to Gartner, 30% of CRM Data is no longer relevant within 12 months. If your data is out of date, it affects every part of the organisation, from Marketing, Support to Accounting. Sales being the lifeblood of any business, using a CRM system with inaccurate data will only mean more time and effort for each deal. A recent study from Gartner has shown that companies are losing up to 12% of their annual revenue due to missing or bad data which equates to an average of $10 to $14 million per company. Having good data in the CRM means that your co-sellers and marketing colleagues can help you keep nurturing these contacts until they are ready to become customers.

With accurate, real-time profiling of businesses and connections, the need to spam them with unrelated content to their business needs or future visions should become a thing of the past.

Keeping your Salesforce up to date, should not be a mammoth task. Solutions like PipeLaunch will automate it for you. It will ensure that the tedious work of copying data into Salesforce will be completely removed by integrating at least 24 data points to extract the latest business news, LinkedIn updates, job postings, create organisational charts, look at financials from companies house and much more. Delivering you an accurate real-time connection within LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Example of PipeLaunch profiling data
Example of PipeLaunch starting to profile connections in LinkedIn

Why PipeLaunch

  • Updates Salesforce with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from LinkedIn.

  • Suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn.

  • Real-time email address verification.

  • Company News/PR updates from external news sites, such as CrunchBase, FT, Business Insider.

  • Financials submitted to companies house

  • Technology stack within the organisation

Connections within LinkedIn should not be like a dating app, based on looks and a brief description that may or may not be accurate. Successful business connections come from having accurate, real-time information. By using PipeLaunch within Salesforce you will achieve sales productivity and successful business connections in the way LinkedIn intended their platform to be used.

We have a new soon to be announced integration partner joining PipeLaunch. It is going to skyrocket our app to the next level of business connections and sales productivity.

Be sure to get our trial set up within your organisation so you can be one of the first to try it! 🚀