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Written By Dionys Zitouni, Sales Manager at Texeï.

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The idea of this article is to share my feedback about the PipeLaunch solution as Sales Manager at Texeï because, so far, it has saved me a hell of a lot of time in my prospecting efforts!

First of all, let's remember that the job of a Sales professional, whichever the industry you are in, boils down to a few key activities:

  • Prospecting

  • The customer relationship

  • Administrative management

Prospecting is one of the critical aspects of the job since each new sales position usually begins with a vast volume of prospection, except for the lucky ones starting with an existing client portfolio.

Indeed, it is the first step in the sales process: creating a base of prospects to contact and eventually convert into customers. However, if there's one thing that all seasoned salespeople know, this step can be very long and tedious.

When I took up my position at Texeï, a Salesforce consultancy based in Paris, I came across PipeLaunch; I will explain how If you are a Sales professional looking for time and productivity optimisation, PipeLaunch might just be the right tool for you.

1) What is PipeLaunch? PipeLaunch is a native Salesforce app available on the AppExchange. Installation only takes a few minutes, and once installed, the application allows you to obtain public information available on the Internet, most notably from LinkedIn. The objective is to enrich and keep up to date the information in your Salesforce CRM with minimum effort and time. LinkedIn is one of the essential tools that a Sales professional can have outside his phone. It is also often through this channel that I find my prospects and follow the professional development of my clients and colleagues.

On the other hand, the major problem is the time spent transferring data from LinkedIn to Salesforce. And yes, any company with a CRM generally expects its sale professional to enrich contact and account data to build a prospecting database. Indeed, this is crucial information to store in the CRM.

Although essential, this part is nevertheless very time-consuming and cuts back on tasks often considered more strategic by sales professionals. In my case, I dedicate at least 2 to 3 hours per week to enrich and fill in LinkedIn information on our Salesforce environment. Where these two to three hours allowed me before to save a limited number of contacts in the CRM, today, with PipeLaunch, it has allowed me to enrich my database considerably with very qualitative information. Above all, it will enable me to spend more time looking for the right profiles rather than having to copy and paste them tediously.

PipeLaunch makes my life easier because it identifies relevant information, displays it in my Salesforce environment, and gives me the possibility to integrate it in two clicks! No more copy-pasting, and hello to an up-to-date contact database! 🚀

In addition, I also use the PipeLaunch Chrome extension, which allows me directly from LinkedIn to save interesting contacts in Salesforce now directly from their profile page without ever leaving my LinkedIn environment. And that is done in just a couple of clicks too. My contacts are created very quickly; they are attached to the correct account, and I even get the right record type assigned.

2) How does PipeLaunch work? Here is how I enrich Accounts and Contacts data in my Salesforce CRM with PipeLaunch.

  • I enrich the data directly from Salesforce.

We have implemented a new tab in the Account object in which I access the various components of PipeLaunch. For example, below is the "Ideal Customer Profile" component that displays LinkedIn profiles identified as being linked to the Account I am on in Salesforce.

If the account is already in Salesforce, you can easily see it with the little blue cloud, and if it's not there, there's a little button that appears to add it. It offers me a list of contact suggestions that I can filter by country and job keywords related to my targets. From the account, I can:

  • Add a new Contact or Lead

  • Obtain a verified e-mail address which is very useful for the deliverability of our e-mailing campaigns, for instance

  • Access the LinkedIn page of a Contact/Lead from Salesforce

But that isn’t all!

  • It is also possible to update all company information (Company registration number, number of employees, website, etc.). Pretty useful!

  • You also can get the technologies used by your account (not always an exhaustive list but again very useful)

  • I enrich data from LinkedIn using the PipeLaunch Chrome extension

Installing the PipeLaunch Chrome extension on my browser allowed me to speed up my prospecting. This extension makes it possible to complete my CRM’s contact and account data without leaving my LinkedIn page. I can thus save in a few clicks the public information of the profiles that are of interest to me—no more copy-pasting with not much-added value and which takes too much time and drains your motivation.

Before using PipeLaunch, I often wondered about the relevance of spending time-saving information from a particular profile in the CRM. Adding the first name, last name, account and job role was not so long but repeated dozens of times; it was a tedious process, even with two screens.

Today, I no longer ask myself the question; as soon as I see a profile that is interesting to me, I add it directly to the CRM in 2 clicks. It also allows me to increase the amount of recorded data and its reliability. There are no more typing errors or field errors (i.e.: the first name at the level of the last name, etc.). In short, a huge time saver!

With this extension, I can:

  • Create a new account if it does not exist in Salesforce (no more going back and forth between tabs!)

  • Add a contact: the feature I use the most today

PipeLaunch allows you to add automatically :

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Job role

  • Suggested email address

  • Phone number

  • Link to the account in Salesforce

To conclude In summary, I have entirely adopted this very useful AppExchange from Salesforce, and it helps me considerably in my Day to Day. I presented some of my PipeLaunch use cases, but it is not exhaustive. The Product team is very dynamic, and new features are released regularly. Spoiler alert: They will add very soon a multiple contact selection feature to add your target contacts even faster in Salesforce ❤️❤️❤️ !

It is a tool that I can no longer do without, and I invite every company with a similar type of requirement to test the solution! They offer a 7-day free trial.

Additionally, I think that this solution would be an excellent match for other use cases, and other business lines such as:

  • Recruitment specialists

  • Schools/alumni to follow the path of students in their professional career, Thanks to the automated updating of profiles via LinkedIn, it is possible to follow “in real-time” the evolution of former students.

  • Human Resources functions

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