PipeLaunch and HitHorizons are turning Salesforce into a dynamic CRM

Updated: Jan 28

28th January, 2022 - PipeLaunch and HitHorizons announces a technology partnership that will turn Salesforce into a dynamic CRM, helping customers keep their CRM up to date, without the manual user input, increasing Salesforce user adoption and Sales productivity.

According to PipeLaunch Founder and CEO Ben Asfaha " research shows that sales teams only spend 36% of their time selling, 64% is spent on researching new prospects to contact. Our partnership with HitHorizons will now solve this problem. Salesforce users will now be able to easily locate their ideal customer profile and additional matching profiles from LinkedIn, including their email address. Company information, such as number of employees and reported revenues, will automatically be stored within Salesforce."

HitHorizons, is a live database of over 76 Million companies across Europe and turns raw and mundane data from public sources into a valuable asset for everyone. HitHorizons was built by a team of software engineers, data analysts and data visualization specialists with almost ten years of experience in business data analytics.

Filip Glasa, CEO @ HitHorizons, commented, “It’s not every day that you find a partnership that just makes sense. Seeing the value our mutual customers are getting out of Salesforce makes us confident that we need to get PipeLaunch and HitHorizons work closer together.

PipeLaunch, automatically enriches Salesforce with your ideal customer profile (ICP) and suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn, including their email address, company news and their technology stack, all within Salesforce.

PipeLaunch gives your sales team a competitive advantage by removing 9 hours per week spent on research, resulting in faster prospecting and pipeline generation.

For more information please visit www.pipelaunch.com, or contact hello@pipelaunch.com