PipeLaunch joins forces with PredictLeads to provide even more value to Salesforce users.

13th September - PipeLaunch now integrates with PredictLeads to provide even more value to the Salesforce Ecosystem. According to Ben Asfaha, Founder at PipeLauch “By giving our customers more information about their prospects, we can truly help sales teams spend more time selling, instead of wasting valuable time looking up information, we are really thrilled to have PredictLeads by our side.”

PredictLeads provides structured company intelligence data indicative of company performance. Using PredictLeads data Sales teams can target prospects in buy mode and better personalize their outbound messaging.

Roq Xever “By providing our customers with insights on multiple data points, we have been able to give them an unprecedented competitive advantage. With this partnership, we can extend the value of our solution to Salesforce customers.”

Thanks to this partnership, PipeLaunch will now provide data on Hiring Plans, New Customers Signed, Website Evolution and what Technology stack prospects are likely to be using.

For more information contact us on hello@pipelaunch.com


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