PipeLaunch Q&A with Ben

Thank you for all the great feedback and messages. Over the last couple of weeks I was contacted by a number of people about PipeLaunch, so I thought I’d write a blog to answer the top questions.

What is PipeLaunch

  • A Sales Engagement App that accelerates the prospecting process in Salesforce. Helping to build more pipeline coverage, which helps salespeople towards achieving their sales targets.

Why did you create PipeLaunch

  • I was fortunate enough to work for a few Salesforce Partners and more recently Salesforce itself, my role was to help customers leverage innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage. During this time I realized a need for a solution that could automate and speed up the prospecting process. I noticed an average of 9 hours per week was spent on admin and repetitive tasks during the prospecting process, which meant this time was not spent selling and helping customers.

Who is PipeLaunch for

  • In simple terms, any salesperson that wants to increase their pipeline coverage. In my experience sales people love selling and helping customers solve problems, sales people understand that prospecting is part of their job, just like filling in their expenses, however no one really likes to do it, so if there is a way to automate and speed up the process, then I think this will resonate well.

Why PipeLaunch Now

  • More than ever companies need to increase their competitive advantage and adapt to changing market conditions. Some of the key challenges are onboarding new employees, achieving sales targets and keeping a positive company culture. Also the new remote working environment we find ourselves in is very important for sales teams to find new ways to prospect and sell.

What makes PipeLaunch different from other sales engagement providers

  • We are fully Native to Salesforce. You don’t need to learn a new interface, integrate yet another tool, or spend more money for a new CRM.

  • One Salesforce screen for everything. All the applications a salesperson needs (calendar, LinkedIn, notes, email and many more) are all in one Salesforce view, eliminating time wasted on Application switching.

  • Our cost model: Our objective is to ensure we are the inexpensive sales engagement solution in the market that is affordable to small as well as large Salesforce Customers. Giving Salesforce customers an unprecedented ROI and adoption increase.

What did you enjoy best about working for Salesforce

  • Helping companies become more competitive and efficient with the power of what Salesforce has to offer, and I learnt so much about prospecting and the sales process. Also the people and culture was amazing.

What is your opinion of the future of the selling process in the new world

  • We are already seeing major changes in the way we sell. We are starting to see a lot more channels to communicate with prospects. The other trend is there is a massive adoption growth in the Sales Engagement space, with many sales leaders saying that the right prospecting tools are as important as choosing the right CRM. We should take advantage of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to improve the selling process.

What is the future for PipeLaunch

  • Our goal is to ensure that our customers get as much value as possible from our platform. We will therefore focus on being as close to our customers as possible, whilst adding the functionality our customers ask for. We also want to introduce a new approach for how Salesforce implementation partners interact with ISV by adding a lot more value to the relationship, there will be more information on this to follow.

Why would you build a business during Covid and becoming a new father

  • Ultimately, you can always find excuses not to do what you really what to do, if it's not Covid it's something else. However, I truly believe that the opportunity today is probably even stronger than it was pre Covid. Companies need to provide employees with the best possible tools as they work from home.

  • In July 2020 my second child was born, a beautiful girl and a sister to our son. As parents know having children is a wonderful experience and of course it can be challenging, especially now during lockdown as we are having to spend more time at home. This did make me consider delaying the launch of PipeLaunch, but on a personal level I truly felt that I could not delay achieving one of my life time goals. The positive of this timing is that it means that I had to work very hard to ensure our messaging is clear and compelling in explaining how we solve a key challenge for sales teams during Covid and beyond.

Should you have any questions or feedback you can reach me at ben@pipelaunch.com.