Prospecting in Salesforce

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sales Engagement helps organizations build long lasting customer relationships and a healthy Life Time Value. Whilst prospecting helps companies increase new revenue.

These relationships allow companies to identify upcoming customer needs, such as expansion plans, business units or go to market strategies.

Due to remote working and the increased use of CRM technologies such as Salesforce it is becoming increasingly important to communicate with prospects and customers over the channels they use - social media, email, mobile, zoom and many more.

Understanding the customer

Not only the way we work, but also the way we sell. The customer expects to be understood and will make a decision on whether to continue the engagement a lot sooner than before.

This requires the Salesperson to A. have a better understanding of past activity B. leverage external data in order to to adjust the message to the customer / prospect.

Trying to understand what external and internal factors makes the solution relevant to the customer is key.

Relevant information to evaluate

Google is no stranger to a salesperson. Make sure you equip yourself with all the relevant information you can find:

Crunchbase - if you want to know if they have recently received investment

News - look up for new announcements regarding the prospects go to market of acquisitions

Job Openings - Job descriptions is a great way to see how the prospect is currently working and what their technology landscape looks like

LinkedIn - understand if the prospect knows you tool already and what other personas within the company you could target

Automation and coordination

Use customisation as part of your sales and marketing efforts during any interaction you have with your clients. Make sure you combine your Sales and Marketing efforts.

In Sales you should take advantage of lead scoring or webinar attendance data in order to prioritise you target prospects.

Take advantage of existing email / message templates that work for your team already and adjust them to your style.

Social Media and organizational chart

If you can use Linkedin Navigator as it will allow you to set up notifications that will alert you every time there is a change in the org chart.

Once you receive this information update your org chart so that you have a clear view on how a decision making process could have changed at your prospect / customer.

How many follow ups should I make

According to research anywhere between 5 to 8 touches before you get an initial meeting with new customers.

Here you can take advantage of reminders, a feature most CRM solutions will offer out of the box. By keeping an overview at all times of the amount and types of touches you can make quicker decisions on what touch should take happen next.

If possible contact multiple contacts within the account simultaneously, this will help you get more visibility into the account.

What CRM

To make sure you are effectively and efficiently engaging customers, investing in a Customer Relationship Management Software is imperative. Such a platform provides several automation tools that can help in streamlining administrative tasks and allows you to focus more on customer communication and engagement.

Apart from this, using a CRM will also help you collect, store, analyse, and use personal data about each prospect and customer, allowing you to personalise their experience with ease. Choose an all in one CRM software that can give you a number of tools perfect to make daily processes much simpler and quicker.

How to boost your CRM

Of course being a Salesforce partner we recommend the Salesforce CRM sales cloud platform, apart from being the world's market leading platform it is also designed for salespeople and sales leaders. To complete the picture and obtain more value from Salesforce we recommend investing into a Sales Engagement solution, now we are not going to give you the sales pitch on this subject, instead I will let our website do that for you.

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