Sales Teams working from home: How to prioritize your day

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

According to Gartner, 74% of surveyed CFOs plan to keep part of their workforce permanently remote after the COVID-19 crisis. Both organizations and employees see opportunities and benefits from remote working including flexibility, increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Several companies such as Salesforce and Google already announced plans to shift to a hybrid or completely remote working model after the pandemic.

Every employee responds to circumstances differently. Some thrive in an office setting. Others are better able to focus in a remote environment. Additionally, employees have likely adjusted to their new ways of working; for example, many have embraced a new-found flexibility in working hours. But how does this affect sales reps, who traditionally meet their customers on a regular basis in person (Pressing the Flesh).

Although home working has removed the time wasted on travel, more time is taken with balancing the family and the running of the home, leading to less time spent on selling, with the main focus on the time spent on prospect research and planning. The problem now is that sales reps are struggling with prioritizing their days.

In response to this challenge PipeLaunch has developed a feature "Prioritizing your Day". This enables the sales rep to prioritize prospecting by being automatically being informed within Salesforce CRM when to call prospects at the right time, by using a scoring System ingesting prospect scoring from marketing tools such as using Pardot or Marketo. Also all meetings that are fixed in the diary will be surfaced, so nothing gets missed. Another cool feature is the ability to surface the prospects LinkedIn profile as well.

But hey, don’t take our word for it, book a time with our team and see "Prioritizing your Day" in action.

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