Why keeping your CRM up to date should be one of your key priorities for 2022

Updated: Jan 21

A recent study from Gartner has shown that companies are losing up to 12% of their annual revenue due to missing or bad data which equates to an average of $10 to $14 million per company. Having good data in the CRM, means that your co-sellers and marketing colleagues can help you keep nurturing these contacts until they are ready to become customers. Or it could mean that the business is able to invest $ in the right strategies.

Yet, we have all been there, it’s time to call it a day but you still need to add all the contact we have spoken to throughout the day to Salesforce, however, we decide to do it tomorrow and...well…tomorrow never comes.

According to Gartner, 30% of CRM Data is no longer relevant within 12 months. It is vital to keep accurate CRM Data, such as avoiding duplicated, incomplete, or obsolete information, as it can negatively affect your bottom-line results. Poor data quality impacts your Marketing lead Generation campaigns, analytics or leads to poor go-to-market decisions.

The impact on Performance:

Sales being the lifeblood of any business, using a CRM system with inaccurate data will only mean more wasted time and effort for salespeople. They will have to search online for correct information or insights about their prospects to reach them in a relevant way. All this information will have to be added manually back into the CRM (valid for the next 12 months if we’re lucky, remember?). Poor CRM data leads to missed opportunities and only increases the complexity and length of your sales cycle.

What’s in it for the user? (Besides making their boss happy)

One of the issues with CRMs for Salespeople is that while they see the value in maintaining clean data and updated info on their prospects and customers, the reality of what constitutes part of their key sales activities happens outside the CRM, such as researching and prospecting new target contacts. They might use social media or other third-party sales applications to explore vital insights about their accounts, ideal customer profile mapping and so on. Feeding this information back to the CRM may feel secondary and time-consuming.

Create a Unified approach

One-way Sales Leaders can make sure that their teams constantly work with qualitative data within their CRM is to integrate this process as part of their everyday routine. Integrating third-party systems such as Sales Intelligence solutions directly within their CRM interface will ensure that they do most of their sales prospective activities directly within the CRM interface, driving better adoption and usage and higher ROI. The key is to make your CRM the central hub for all your sales-related tasks.

Update CRM Data and get insights on the go

To prevent data Decay - or the natural process of data becoming outdated over time-, you must ensure that updates are done on an ongoing basis and dynamically as part of your sales cycle. Here at PipeLaunch, our platform automatically enriches Salesforce with your ideal customer profile and suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn, including their email address, company news and their technology stack, all within Salesforce.

A Driver for Increased sales efficiency and Performance

Maintaining Good or poor CRM Data can be the difference between the success or failure of your next email marketing campaign or your team’s pipeline generation efforts. Salespeople should dedicate prime selling time to reach more and have better conversations with ideal buyers, less on administrative tasks. Getting all the relevant customer insights and updated information fed directly to the CRM will increase sales efficiency and save sales teams time to concentrate on higher-value activities.

Keeping your Salesforce up to date should not be a mammoth task. Solutions like PipeLaunch will automate this process for you and support your team as you create new accounts, contacts and leads. It will ensure that the tedious work of copying data into Salesforce will be entirely removed by integrating up to 24 data points to extract the latest news, LinkedIn updates, job posting and much more. Saving your sales team hours per day in research while keeping your CRM data continuously up to date might be the one business resolution you want to make on your way to a successful Year!

To find out more about PipeLaunch visit us on pipelaunch.com or email us at hello@pipelaunch.com.

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