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Achieving Data Quality Excellence in Salesforce

PipeLaunch and our integration partner HitHorizons have partnered with Salesforce partner Tether to bring you a webinar on how we can enrich Salesforce by combining real-time accurate information from external sources to give you the best contact data to help you achieve business development and growth throughout your sales teams. We have a new Chrome extension launching in March 2022, which we will be giving you a taster of.


This is the perfect opportunity to see how PipeLaunch and HitHorizons work within Salesforce as we will deliver a 30-minute demo plus a Q&A session to highlight the key areas of the Chrome extension and how the new features support and grow your CRM data in Salesforce to maximize your leads into meaningful business opportunities that lead to an ROI from your Salesforce investment.  


All those that attend the webinar will automatically be given a 7-day trial. The trial is quick and easy to install. PipeLaunch will start to give you an ROI on how you use Salesforce immediately as the data becomes enriched. Our 5* reviews on the AppExchange are a fine example of how PipeLaunch is supporting businesses in getting the most out of Salesforce.


Webinar - Already hosted on 23rd March, click below to watch on demand.