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Speak to more decision makers

Sales teams ONLY spend 36% of their time selling, 64% is spent on admin, planning and researching new prospects to contact. PipeLaunch accelerates prospecting and enables sales teams to spend all their time doing what they do best, SELLING.


PipeLaunch automatically enriches Salesforce with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn, including their email address, company news and their technology stack, all within Salesforce.


PipeLaunch gives your sales team a competitive advantage by removing 9 hours per week spent on research, resulting in faster prospecting and pipeline generation.

LinkedIn Integration Salesforce / PipeLaunch

Why PipeLaunch

  • Updates Salesforce with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from LinkedIn.

  • Suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn.

  • Real time email address verification.

  • Company news/PR updates from external news sites, such as CrunchBase, FT, Business Insider.

How does it Work

  • 100% native to Salesforce, 5 minutes to install.

  • Cross check correct job titles between Salesforce & LinkedIn.

  • Identify what technologies your customers are using.

  • Job Openings as advertised on LinkedIn and customer websites.

LinkedIn Contacts Leads Salesforce / PipeLaunch
LinkedIn Chrome Extension Native Salesforce / PipeLaunch

Who Benefits

  • Sales People (SDR/BDR/AE): Remove 9 hours per week spent on admin and research. Spend all of your time speaking with decision makers.

  • Sales Leader: Ensure your team is smashing their KPI's, because your sales people will be faster at prospecting and generating more pipeline.

  • Sales Operations Manager: Paying high costs for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other Sales Engagement tools, and not seeing the return on investment (ROI)? PipeLaunch demonstrates immediate ROI at a third of the cost.

PipeLaunch has completed the Salesforce Accelerate Program. (Formerly known as Salesforce incubator).

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