Social Selling for Salesforce

Say goodbye to manually typing information from LinkedIn and other sites into Salesforce.

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No more data entry

Let PipeLaunch take over the boring data entry tasks so that you can focus on what you do best: SELLING.

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Close more deals

Never miss to contact the right prospect again. PipeLaunch will help you find the right contact and automatically add the LinkedIn information to Salesforce.

Set up in minutes

Get  data into Salesforce within minutes of the installation. Most of our customers are up and running before they can finish their morning coffee.

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Increase Sales Productivity

If your Ctrl,C and V keys are starting to fade, you have been spending way too much time copying and pasting data from LinkedIn to Salesforce. Use our Chrome extension to do the heavy lifting for you.

Salesforce Adoption

Give your sales team access to relationship maps, real time company news and Mobile Integration, so you can sent any number from your desktop to your phone.

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