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Welcome the world’s first Salesforce GPT Open AI integration

Do you struggle to come up with the right words for your sales emails?

Our new integration between Salesforce and GPT can help. With access to customer data and industry insights, you can easily craft personalized and effective emails that will drive results. Say goodbye to generic and impersonal emails, and hello to increased open rates and positive responses.

The GPT and Salesforce integration is designed to help you write better emails, streamline your sales process, and drive success.

Key features

  • Seamless integration between Salesforce and the cutting edge machine learning technology
  • Personalized sales content based on customer data and public data insights
  • Increased sales productivity and improved sales results
  • Install PipeLaunch and see how the GPT and Salesforce integration can revolutionize your sales communication
Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
Woman writing automatic email on laptop with GPT technology


How do I get started?

Install our package from AppExchange, and you will be able to generate content from within Salesforce. You can also install our Chrome Extension to enrich your data

Is the App free?

The BETA will give you access to 100 free messages per month. The price for the paid version will be announced soon

How is this a native Salesforce App?

The entire solution has been built in Salesforce, so the user does not need to leave his favourite CRM to send emails

Is PipeLaunch GDPR compliant?

PipeLaunch only uses public available data to generate emails and no data is stored on our servers that allows us to identify you. All data is processed by OpenAI anonymously. You can read more about OpenAI privacy policy here:

Less Copy-Pasting, More Selling

Give your sales reps 9 hours back each week, while building more pipeline with less effort.