Keep Your CRM Pulse Strong with Mass Data Enrichment

Redefine Your CRM Data Hygiene

Stay Ahead, Stay Updated. Good data hygiene isn't just about cleanliness; it's about staying connected with your customers and prospects. With outdated data, you're navigating the business landscape with a blindfold. Let PipeLaunch Signals be your guiding light.

Get Notified on Compelling Events

From promotions to relocations - we've got you covered. Be alerted of compelling sales events or potential risks, so you can always respond promptly and effectively. With PipeLaunch Signals, never miss a beat.

Boost Your Sales Productivity

Let salespeople sell, not copy paste. Minimize the time your team spends on manual CRM updates. Keep your focus on what truly matters: building relationships and closing deals.

Lay the Groundwork for AI Success

In an era where CRM + GenAI projects shape business strategies, having clean and updated data isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. Set your AI projects up for success with the gold standard in data quality.

How does it work?

Streamlined Data Enrichment in a Few Easy Steps.

Set your preferences

  • Define the records you want updated, whether it's all of them or a select list based on specific parameters.
Configure schedule job

Schedule with Flexibility

  • Decide how often you want these data updates. Set it once or schedule recurring jobs tailored to your needs.
Configure schedule job interval

Stay informed

  • Get a clear view of contacts flagged with notifications on role changes, complete with a confidence score for each change detected.

One-Click update

  • Confirm and update Salesforce entries in a single click, choosing which contacts you'd like to refresh.

Act On Changes

  • Set automation tasks with Salesforce Flows
Configure schedule job

Get Started with PipeLaunch Signals Today

Embrace a future where CRM data is constantly fresh and dependable. Get started within minutes. With usage-based pricing, you only pay for the credit of records you check.